ERP Software for food industry
Formula-based software solutions for food processors and manufacturers
software features purchasing, inventory, production,and lot tracking.
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Formula Based Processors and Manufacturers

AmericanERP are leaders in software solutions for processors and manufacturers.

Automated Formula Processing Software is an affordable solution with an amazing Return on Investment.(ROI)   Return on InvestmentClick here for more details.
  • Formula driven with comprehensive Bill of Materials, AFP allows for any number of Finished Products from a single Recipe/Formula.

  • Superior Inventory tracking gives you the ability to monitor Raw Materials by Lot Number, Location, and/or Re-Order Points, providing you with an accurate view of your Inventory at any given time.

  • Powerful reporting features give you the information you need when you need it.
  • Available options include background posting to Accounting programs such as QuickBooks.


Designed to support HACCP and Bioterrorism Requirements
HACCP documentation can easily be associated with any item in AFP at any level in the production process: Raw Ingredients, Recipes/Formulas, Finished Products, Production Batches, Invoices, Customer Invoices, and Vendor Purchase Orders

ERP software supports HACCP

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AmericanERP is dedicated to helping companies increase profitability by automating tasks and reducing overall costs. Our reputation is built on providing proactive solutions that solve real business needs.

increase profitability and return on investments.

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Leading provider of intuitive food processing and formula based ERP systems. We Specialize in ERP Automation for Food plant strategies, bakery industry, baking industry, Chemical manufacturers, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, and Cosmetic manufacturing. Food and beverage manufacturing. Our Food Processing software clients include a wider range of beverage and food processors. Our food processors Software client includes national brands in spice to sushi, seafood processors to Soup processing plants.
automation for food processors and other formula-based manufacturers.


Lot traceability